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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  March 8, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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westbound 24th near broadway. oakland fire on the scene saying there's a lot of debris out here. you can expect delays coming down from the tunnel into the oakland area. just as soon as you come out of the tunnel, you'll realize that something is wrong and you'll see the fire trucks and just a lot of people there. quickly, let's go to the traffic that's off to a good start. now back to the desk. >> thank you. coming up next, in our 6:00 hour, frightening moments overnight during a home invasion in san francisco. we're there with details of what happened and new developments on what happened to the stolen items. >> plus, live from berkley, a landmark 5 star restaurant caught fire just hours ago. the very latest on the damage at chez panisse. that's just ahead. >> we're 30 minutes until the sunrise and i expect sunnier skies in the forecast for your friday. what you can expect in your area, coming up mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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good morning. it happened just hours ago. the small fire that's making big news in berkley. >> we have chilling new details on a home invasion here in san francisco from the victim of
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that crime. >> the last bit of wet weather is winding down. i'll have what you can expect for today and your weekend coming up. >> in just a couple of hours, a huge homeless encampment in san jose will be cleared out by the city. many homeless are still here. you'll hear from one of the homeless men when the morning news continues. >> good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this friday morning, march 8th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check your weather, traffic, steve is still out but rosemary sight here. i'm loving your forecast. >> i'm loving it too. sunny skies headed back our way. some of us waking up with partly cloudy skies this morning. some of us still grey and maybe a lingering shower. giving you a live look at storm tracker 2. i came in this morning, a few scattered showers popping up over the santa cruz mountains but we have since dried out. this system is moving out of
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here. it's headed south. that's going to leave us with partly cloudy skies and warmer temperatures in time your weekend. i'll break it down for you coming up. good morning sal >> good morning. traffic is moving along pretty well down highway 17. it has been a nice looking drive. if we're looking at the commute on the bridge you'll be happy with what you see with traffic moving well. 6:01, let's go back to the desk. >> all right. we're continuing with the breaking news. we first told you this at 4:30, a fire at the world famous chez panisse restaurant in berkley. firefighters are still there. we're look ago the scene right now. these are live pictures. a lot of damage there. the firefighters are everywhere. they got the first emergency call about 3:00 this morning. again, we're looking outside the restaurant here. the cameras panning around for you.
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from the outside, the damage doesn't look too bad. investigators is a most of the damage is on the outside of the restaurant. >> i never had the privilege of eating there. i have driven by it millions of times. so of course my heart sank thinking -- hoping that it was less than what it actually was. >> now a sprinkler system that did it's job, it worked, limited the damage inside. while chez panisse will be closed today and for the immediate future, firefighters had worried that maybe this restaurant would have to be closed fair long time. >> in overnight news this morning, we are following police getting high-tech help in their hunt for suspects in the san francisco home invasion. christian captain is in the city where he just spoke to a victim a few months ago, christian. >> yeah, we just spoke to the victim here in the last ten minutes or so. this is at the intersection of 23rd street in san francisco. the gentleman living here didn't want to show us face on camera because the suspects are still on the loose but he tells
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us a story about it. before he knew it, two men were inside his home. >> i thought the trash can or something like that and then next thing i know i heard some noise coming closer. i looked up and as soon as i looked up i had a gun in my face. >> now we have video of police on the scene here earlier this morning. the resident tells me that suspects ransacked his home, demanded jewelry and anything of value. they held him at gun point hitting him with the gun and forcing him to the ground at one point in time with a towel over his head. another time forcing him into the bathtub. he tells me that the suspects made off with two computers. an iphone, an ipad and personal items. police say that the two suspects took off with those items and investigators say one of those devices had tracking software online and police were able to follow that signal across the bay into oakland.
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san francisco police contacted oakland authorities that were able to track them between plymouth and holly street. it appears the suspects figured out the police were on to them and ditched the stolen items under a parked car. police have returned the computers and some of the items to the homeowner here. we're also hearing police may have a vehicle description in this case and there could be more investigative leads in this case. again t victim tells us that san francisco police taking this case very seriously. there were more than 30 officers on the scene here. units in oakland. there's also talk that police were trying to trap those suspects on treasure island. so clearly, a very serious police presence on this case. we will continue to contact the police in oakland and here in san francisco to find out the very latest details on the home invasion suspects. we're live here in san francisco. ktvu channel 2 news. >> one person is dead after
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being hit by a car while trying to run across highway 237 at san jose. it happened about 8:30 last night. the driver of the car stopped immediately after the accident and called police. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. eastbound lane of the highway were closed for about three hours. time is now 6:05. just about an hour from right now, people living at a homeless encampment in san jose will be forced to leave for good. she is there live at the encampment now and you're talking to people affected by this clean up. >> dave, it's cold, it's muddy. it's wet and a lot of these people don't know where they're going to go. i spoke to the people that live in this tent. as you can see right now that man is packing up his things and he says he's going to leave before the clean up crews get here but there's still plenty of other people that have their tents and we haven't seen anybody else packing up and moving. there's plenty of people here still holding their ground.
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in the past couple of months, this field near spring street turned into a tent city with about 120 homeless people setting up camp here. the city is concerned because of all the trash and debris collecting. they saw it also poses health and safety hazards. the city gave these people notice to move on tuesday. those 72 hours passed. later this morning, they will be tearing down the tents and man maid structures. all the property will be put into storage to be claimed. a home less man says he has been offered help for the past couple of days for outreach workers but explains why he is persistent. >> why not a shelter. >> well, you know, i guess i found that most people -- and i'm new at this. i've not been out here that long. get pretty independent and probably don't like answering to whether there's an authority or somebody else other than themselves. >> the city says they are
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partnering with nonprofit agencies to try to get help for these people but admit there are limited resources when it comes to affordable housing. there are also homeless out here that are dealing with mental health issues and mental illness and won't take the help. the city council plans on discussing a long-term solution. that's scheduled for next tuesdayful back out here live, again, you can see that man is working on maybe trying to get the tarp down from his sort of man made tent that they have been living here for the past couple of months. one of the problems they have is they have a little small dog and some of the shelters just won't take animals. coming up in the next half hour, we will tell you what he has to say about what he thinks about the city and the police having this clean up. reporting live from san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. >> time is 6:08. thousands of family members, friends, fellow police officers all paid their last respects to
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two fallen police officers from santa cruz. ♪[music] >> those bagpipe sounds filled the hp pavilion during yesterday's very emotional ceremony. more than 8,000 people were there for the public memorial for detective elizabeth butler and sergeant lawrence butch baker. the saddest moments came when families shared their memories of the two fallen heros. >> you're the very reason there's good in my life because early on you made sure of it. >> i whispered to her that i would take care of our boys and make sure that they would always know what a great person their mom was. >> governor jerry brown, state attorney general harris, former secretary of defense panetta, they were among the vips that were there. we posted much more of the
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officers memorial on our channel 2 website you'll have find video, slide shows, information on the scholarship funds set up for the police officers children. >> 6:09 is the time. back over to sal to check on the commute. how's the commute? >> 24 isn't good. we told you we had a spill and then a resulting accident on highway 24 near broadway. one motorcycle also involved here. they're cleaning up the crash and chp is temporarily holding traffic at college avenue. as soon as you come out of the tunnel you're going to see slow traffic heading down the hill to oakland and trying to get some of the debris out of the lanes so it doesn't cause any more problems. westbound 24 at broadway was the crash. so the traffic is backed up way past highway 13 and is being held at college avenue. this is not good news for 24 drivers and if it doesn't get clear soon we'll see even a bigger back up. it's building right now. let's take a look at what we have here at the toll plaza.
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not a big back up. usually we have more people by now. the traffic is backed up for a couple of minutes. also if you're driving on the southbound commute, northbound 280 does look good. hello to you. the sun outside our doors and coming up and shedding right on what's happening out there. storm tracker 9 showing us what is going on over -- tracker 2 showing us what is going on over the north bay. because of this, no cloud cover to insulate you. you are chillier than the rest of us. those wake up to partly cloudy to mostly cloudy conditions in the 40s. over the north bay we're in the 30s. i know you see the radar returns popping up. a few scattered showers. this time lapse is about 6 hours. it shows you what is going on. we're mainly dry. here's the system off the shore of southern california. we're getting the last bit of wrap around moisture and this is actually going to be moving across to southern california and continuing east. as it does, we may catch just the northern edge here.
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areas like the santa cruz mountains, maybe morgan hill, maybe gillroy, an outside chance, maybe a sprinkle for today. besides that, markakis and mostly clear. i don't see much trouble on this. you can see how the low begins to shift to the south and as it does, its taking the rain with it. that's what we're looking at for the afternoon. keep in mind that our temperatures will be slightly warmer but we're going to be breezier. i'll explain why coming up in just a moment. mid 30s santa rosa. napa 36. the rest of us upper 30s to low to mid 40s around the bay and our inland areas. a little bit warmer than yesterday morning. the winds generally light right now but as this low moves out and the ridge of high pressure tries to build in, we going to be breezy this afternoon so expect that and in time for your weekend the ridge of high pressure is actually going to strengthen and bring us temperatures even warmer than what we'll see for today. mid to upper 60s in the forecast under mostly sunny skies and the warming trend
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will carry on monday and tuesday. mostly sunny and low 70s. >> 6:12 is the time. the big change in fighting wild fires this summer. the reason they have a new policy to stay away from fire lines. >> and our exclusive report, more than a dozen handguns seized at sfo and oakland international. what is going on? what does the tsa say about it? our story coming up [ male announcer ] subway introduces the new $3 six-inch select!
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welcome back. time is 6:15. new this morning, north korea fanning all the tensions in the pacific rim. state television broadcasts this new video. look at this military rally. north korea also says it's disconnecting a hot line and canceling a nonaggression treaty with it's rival. north korea is angry over tougher sanctions. yesterday they threatened a pre- emptive nuclear attack. 21 peace keepers held in syria by rebels this morning. this amateur video shows the captured troops. the rebels that took them have been expected to set them free this morning but the rebels refuse to hand them over until sir juan government troops pulled back from that area. >> the weight is almost over in less than four hours all 115 cardinals electing the next pope are expected to choose a date for the conclave. coming up in ten minutes, when
6:19 am
the important vote will likely begin, plus the extreme measures the vatican is taking to insure the privacy of that vote. >> in a story only on 2, ktvu news exclusive on security at bay area airports. scott mcfarland is in washington with what he uncovered regarding the amount of gun and other weapons seized by screeners, scott. >> look closely at your screen, this is a .32 caliber, one of several guns found by the tsa in recent weeks at u.s. airports. we got information showing is 1 guns had been seized bypass enjereds by passengers. many passengers say they simply forgot. a spokesman says in some of these cases passengers, quote, don't have bad intentions but security consultants say this is why the screenings are so
6:20 am
rigorous. >> here's the bad news, if you get pulled over to the point where you need enhanced pat down it has to be very intrusive. >> not just handguns but knives. in some cases locally, stun guns. the tsa spokesman says the handgun seizures are quote, all too frequent now. live in d.c., scott mcfarland, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the u.s. forest service has a new policy when it comes to fighting wild fires. the federal agency was $400 million over budget during last year's fire season. so the fire service may let more wild fires burn this summer. the move follows criticisms that the agency was wasting money by fighting fires in remote areas that posed little new orleans damage to livesor property. >> the political gridlock in washington is headerring important scientific research at the school. the sequester will cost the university $50 million in
6:21 am
needed research funding. federal grants include those from the national institute of health and national science foundation. federal research funding makes up 17% of stanford's $4 billion budget. >> time is 6:14. the san jose man accused of trying to blow up a bank in oakland is due in court. the 28-year-old was arrested last month in an fbi terrorism sting. the fbi says he wanted to join the taliban. an undercover agent gave him a fake car bomb which he allegedly tried to set off in front of a bank of america. the court hearing today will consider a defense request for a mental health evaluation. >> according to a new poll, most people in san francisco seem to approve of the job major ed lee is doing as mayor. 65% of the people surveyed have a favorable opinion of mayor lee. that's only a slight drop from last year. voters seem to be less improved
6:22 am
with the board of supervisors. the board as a whole has a 53% favorable rating. that's an improvement from last year. >> 6:19 is the time now. sal is keeping an eye on the commute. a couple of problems this morning. >> one of them is in oakland, westbound 24 near college avenue, between college and broadway. we had debris spilled all over the place. this crash did cause a big back up on 24. it's backed up from at least highway 13 getting out of the tunnel. you're going to see just a big back up heading down the hill. they're trying to clean up all the debris. the good news is that they didn't think it was worthy, when they think it's going to be there a long time. they're cleaning it up and expecting lanes to be open soon but the traffic is already damaged in that area. let's take a look at the bay bridge swept a back up building here. >> it's a 5 to 10 minute delay. nothing major but there is a delay at the to plaza. this morning's commute was
6:23 am
affected or last night's drive was affected on 880 in oakland, shut down as a big rig went up in flames. it happened after 10:30, north of 66th avenue. the back of a fully loaded food truck caught on fireful the driver acted quickly. he unhooked the tractor trailer and drove out of harms way. all lanes were open but you could see from the video it was a tough fire to fight. but again, all lanes are open on 880 near 66. 69:20 let's go to rosemary. >> all right. we're -- 6:20, let's go to rosemary. >> all right. we're at the tail end of the rain event. i see just a little bit of sun beginning to try and burn through that cloud there. we have partly cloudy skies over the north bay. mostly cloudy over central and south bay. this system pushing to the south and it's going to take the rain with it. high pressure building in in time for your weekend today. temperatures will go up a little bit as the ridge begins to establish itself. as it does, it's also going to
6:24 am
kick up the wind. expect that for the afternoon on your friday, saturday, and sunday. it just gets better and better. here is what you can expect. mid 30s to 40s outside our door now. sun and clouds at noontime. low to mid 50s in the forecast for your lunch hour. upper 50s, low 60s in the forecast for the second half of the afternoon. tomorrow, partly cloudy, mostly sunny. mid to upper 60s in the forecast as we get into sunday. a few low 70s i expect by sunday as well. monday into tuesday, we remain mostly sunny. temperatures in the low 70s. so we have got nice weather coming our have a look around at your afternoon highs coming up. >> all right. thank you rosemary. 6:22 is the ti right now. it's the great race google style. the $20 million prize up for grabs in exchange for important information from the moon. >> also, a new development involving the former l.a. police officer tied to four murders. while a camp ranger is taking acceptabilitier stage in this case
6:25 am
-- taking center stage in this case
6:26 am
6:27 am
welcome back. 6:25. a ranger says he deserved the $1.2 million reward money in the christopher dorner case. the ranger from the big bear area was carjacked by the former l .a.p.d.
6:28 am
officer and called 911. he says his phone call ended the manhunt. now he wants the whole $1.2 million reward money. police is a christopher dorner killed four people before killing himself inside a cabin in big bear. >> the conclave to elect a new pope could begin as soon as monday. a cardinal from vietnam was the last to arrive at the vatican. a date for the conclave could not be set until all 115 voting cardinals were present. the vatican announced that the cardinals will vote at 10:00 this morning, pacific time to pick a date and a spokesman says that the conclave will likely begin early next week between monday and wednesday. the conclave will be held inside the chapel. privacy is essential so maintenance crews are blocking windows and installing antibugging devices. >> time is 6:26. google has a special challenge for space explorers. they're offering $20 million to the first company that can land a robot on the moon. now the competition competitors
6:29 am
would have to mine for minerals and also send high definition video back to earth by 2015. the second place team could possibly win $5 million. the bonus prizes go to those that can find water on the moon. >> time is 6:26. we can find sal. he is right over there. you're watching our friday morning commute. anything going on. >> yes, i just found out about something dave and i want to ask the guys in the control room if they could put up a map for me. this is westbound 80. there's a crash there. this was something we heard about earlier. there was a roll of carpet on the freeway and a car just came along and hit it. now it's an injury accident. the car is blocking the lanes and it's facing the wrong way. the fire department and chp on the way now. westbound 80, one car hit a roll of carpet.
6:30 am
really take dangerous out there. 608 looks good through freemont. let's go to rosemary. >> yeah, weather is shaping up nicely in time for friday and bay area weekend. drying out this morning. temperatures in the mid 40s for inland areas. widespread 40s around the bay. for the afternoon, more sunshine in store and the wind going to pick up just a bit so expect the breezy conditions. low 060s for the afternoon. warmer temperatures for the weekend. i'll have a look at those coming up. >> all right. big changes are coming to the golden gate bridge where toll takers and drivers. how long time employees are being affected by the switch to electronic tolls. >> and the chef at chez panisse is inside taking a look at the damage to her restaurant. we'll tell you what we know about the fire and we'll give you an up close look at what she's looking at coming up [ male announcer ] you think you know me.
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good morning. thank you for joining us here on ktvu channel 2 news. it's friday madge 8th. >> i'm pam cook. opening bell just range. looks like a good day on wall street. time now 6:30. >> one of the bay area's most famous and distinguished restaurants will be closed for the immediate future. >> yeah, fire started several hours ago in berkley. she is there at the restaurant with a look at the damage inside. >> well, pam, just in the last few minutes she came to the scene. if you take a look behind me this is chez panisse of course and on the right side of the building where most of the damage is, you see a general in a white hat. that's the acting deputy chief and he is giving the executive chef here and the founder of
6:34 am
the restaurant that opened years ago the information on her restaurant. we're trying to figure out what happeneds next. employees of chez panisse get here about 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning and a lot of them had no idea of what happened until they got here on scene and certainly surprised by what they found. >> i don't know. our chef is going to be here and then we'll probably have a conversation about what's going to happen. but -- >> i think the plan will sort of reveal itself through tonight. it's just so fresh. we don't really know what it actually looks like. >> a lot of uncertainty for folks. they haven't seen yet what we're able to show you with this video. video of the damage. it's actually mostly to the exterior of the building and the sub floor area. it all started about 3:00 this morning. that's when the first call came into 911 about flames showing from the outside of the building. the fire was out actually fairly quickly. what they say saved the building from much more damage, it was a sprinkler system.
6:35 am
firefighters say it could have been worse. >> if there were no sprinklers, it would have been a completely different story. we probably would have lost the entire building. >> back out here live, this is between cedar and vine street, one direction is still shut down as it's been for most of the morning but it looks like firefighters are beginning to wrap up. they're closing up their trucks and winding up their hoses. the fire investigator has also been out here taking a look at the scene. we haven't figured out yet if he has found a cause for this. we do know the kitchen which is often the cause for restaurant fires is actually in the back of the building, not where this fire started so they kind of ruled that out as a possible ignition source. people left the building at about 1:30. the first call came in at 3:00 but this started on the exterior, a sub floor area. we're still trying to determine if they have been able to get more information on that and maybe would have been in the
6:36 am
area, any electrical or anything like that that would have, again, started the fire. again, alice waters, the founder of the restaurant now taking a tour of the damage. we'll try to talk to her when she comes out and see what she thinks about what happened and when this restaurant might be open. we'll have the update for you coming up on mornings on 2. ktvu channel 2 news. >> time now 6:33. happening now in oakland, u.s. marshalls and oakland police joining forces this morning for a crime sweep. ktvu is live in oakland now to tell us what is going on brian. >> hey, good morning. we are learning very limited information right now on this operation but what i can tell you is that there is a large law enforcement presence here in the eastmont police station. you mentioned oakland police department as well as u.s. marshalls but we heard through scanner traffic this morning that there may have been police raids this morning. we just heard as well that the area targeted was around 65th but that was confirmed this morning in term of the large
6:37 am
police presence as we pulled up here around 6:00 this morning. a large group of officers, some in heavy tactical gear this morning. the police station is more of a regrouping point for this operation which includes opd as well as u.s. marshalls. they have command units, the marshalls do based in front of it also. it's still unclear what the operation is about. we're expected to hear from oakland police department, police spokesmen in a few minutes as well as u.s. marshalls. i also spoke with a member close to the investigation. he tells me to check back with him in maybe an hour or so which makes me believe maybe the operation is close to being over. we'll have all the information coming up live on morning's on 2. >> time is 6:35. a san jose senior known as the magician that went missing last month was found stabbed to death at his apartment which had apparently been searched weeks ago.
6:38 am
family members found stanley jacobson's body yesterday. he was reporting missing on february 18th. several people went into his apartment after he was reported disappeared but no one found him. friends say jacobson was known for his magic tricks. police arrested his girlfriend known as regina butler in this case. >> another fatal stabbing in san jose, wednesday 's homicide in the area was not gang related. he had been stabbed several times. police say they don't have a motive in the case yet or any suspects. they hope to release the name of the victim soon. >> time is running out. a big homeless camp clean up is planned this morning in san jose. she has been out at the camp and you haven't out there a few times in the last couple of weeks. does it look like people will pack up and leave or stay. >> now that it's light out we
6:39 am
see people moving around. the people behind us are packing up and moving around. you can see the gentleman there has been removing the tarp and folding them out. they have a car they'll put most of their belongings in. her car registration expired. she can't afford to pay it. she used to be a home care nurse but she had to quit her job to take care of sick relatives. she hasn't been able to find a job sense and she tells me they don't know where they're going to go next. in the past couple of months, this grassy field on spring street has turned into a tent city with about 120 homeless people setting up camp here. the city is concerned because of all the trash and debris collecting. it also poses a health and safety hazard. the city gave these people 72 hours notice that they were going to clean up and move everything out. later this morning the conservation core will be tearing down the tents and homemade structures for those that haven't left yet.
6:40 am
the homeless man that we spoke to this morning says that he is hesitant to shelter. he shared his feelings on the city's reaction. >> they have a job to do. i mean, i can it is here and call them bad names. i'm not going to. the police really have been good. the san jose police. we have not had any problems out here. crime hasn't gone up. you know, by the time it gets a little past dark everybody goes in and i guess we're in our own little communities. >> the city says they are partnering with nonprofit agencies to try to get help for these people but admit there are limited resources when it comes to affordable housing and there's also people out here dealing with mental illness and won't take the help. they plan on discussioning a long material solution next tuesday. back out here live, you can see in the distance there's other homeless people in this encampment that are getting up from sleeping. it looks like they are walking
6:41 am
around. we have seen a lot of people, actually with several dogs and i have been told by the city that animal control will be out here later to sort of handle that because you can't take dogs into the shelters and that's why a lot of people out here have been resistant to go into shelters. coming up on morning's on 2, you're going to hear from a city official who is in charge of housing and you maybe surprised at his response on where these people will go next. reporting live from san jose, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> time is 6:38 pink slips are going out to toll collectors at the golden gate bridge this week. the bridge will convert to electronic toking at the end of the month. most are long time employees. starting march 27th you'll need a fast track account to cross the golden gate bridge. otherwise you'll get an invoice in the mail to be paid within 21 days. >> 6:39 is the time right
6:42 am
nowful let's check in with sal for a look at the traffic. >> we're still looking at the east shore crash they're clearing up at 80 westbound. it's an injury crash where a car ran into a roll of carpet and traffic is slow although we're getting a little bit lucky because today is lighter than usual and this back up could have been bigger. but still you have to watch for it there. we're going to go to highway 4 first. a little bit slow here in bay point. but again, we're seeing slightly lighter than usual conditions on this friday. from pleasant hill to walnut creek is a little bit slow. now we can talk about the bay bridge, minimum delay here and no troubles on that bridge into san francisco. it's 6:40. let's go to rosemary. >> drier warmer weather in store for this weekend. take a look over san francisco. the sunrise, officially at 6:30. rose 10 minutes ago. partly cloudy skies, even mostly clear this morning. temperatures on the chilly side
6:43 am
in some spots. walnut creek, your checking in about 38. 36 for you. mid 30s in santa rosa. we did have clouds covering our area over most of the evening hours and into the overnight hours so most of us waking up, at least around the bay with 40s. 45 in heyward, 47 san francisco. slightly warmer than yesterday w. do have a band of clouds right here with plenty of sunshine to be had. that's what you can expect for your afternoon swept this system pulling to the south. when i came in earlier, a few scattered showers into the bay area but as we get into this hour we're mainly dry and we will be mainly dry for your friday. this system continues to move to the south will eventually cross over southern california. it will push east for today and we'll be left with an outside chance of a sprinkle for the wrap around moisture we get for the low. outside of that, we're in good shape. the 24 hour totals for the rainfall. take a look f. the central to the southern half of our viewing area. this is where we pick upped the
6:44 am
most rain. keeping an eye on tuesday to wednesday, the moisture was here in the north bay. .55 over the santa cruz mountains and .56 at the airport. good news there. showers tapering off. partly cloudy, breezy conditions expected for the afternoon. here's your weekend in view with the warming trend underway. mid to upper 60s for the afternoon. daylight savings sunday morning so don't forget to move your clocks forward monday into tuesday. mostly sunny skies, low 70s and dry. back to you. >> time is 6:41, your buddy justin bieber in the hospital this morning. he had a rough night in london. what happened at his concert and why his fans are really concerned please.
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bits of moisture pulling out of the bay area. most of us drying out for today. breezy conditions for the afternoon. temperatures slightly warmer. >> all right. welcome back to morning 2 news. a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now at 6:45. in berkley this morning, alice waters the owner of the world renowned restaurant chez panisse arrived at the restaurant a little bit ago. it caught fire overnight.
6:48 am
she is seeing the damage firsthand. they're still searching for the cause but the fire started in the floor in the front of the building. they ruled out that the fire started in the kitchen. that's in the back of the restaurant. >> this morning in san jose, hundred of homeless people are going to be forced out of an encampment there near airport. workers plan to clean up a large camp. it's grown to more than 100 people since the beginning of the year. yesterday family members, friends, fellow police officers paid last respects to the two fallen santa cruz police officers. more than 8,000 people were at san jose's hp pavilion for the public memorial for detective elizabeth butler and sergeant lawrence butch baker. >> another top story this morning, a frightening home invasion in san francisco. within the past hour, christian captain spoke with the victim that was surprised in the middle of the night by a gun in his face, christian. >> yeah, this home here at the
6:49 am
intersection of 23rd street was the scene of this morning's home invasion. i just spoke with the man living here. he didn't want to show his face on camera because the suspects are still on the loose but he tells us a story of the home invasion. had he heard a noise outside and before he knew it. two men were inside the home. >> it was just very sudden. by the time i even thought somebody might be there, the guy was already there with a gun in my face. >> now we have video of police on the scene here earlier this morning. the resident here tell mess that the suspects ransacked his home and got jewelry, cash and anything of value. they held him at gun point hitting him with the gun, forcing him to the ground, at one point in the bathtub. then he pulled him out of the tub, demanded he help them find valuables and forced them to the ground again in the living room with a towel over his head. he tell mess that the suspects made off with two computers an iphone, ipad and personal items and police say one of the device hearsay tracking software online and officers were able to follow that
6:50 am
signal. the resident here tells us first police tracked the suspects to treasure island and then finally to oakland. san francisco police contacted oakland authorities that were able to track the items to 80th avenue between plymouth and holly street. we have video of officer wes shot there earlier this morning. it appears that the suspects figured out that the police were on to them and ditched the stolen items under a parked car. police have returned the computers and some of the items to the homeowner here. the victim of the home invasion here in san francisco. some of the items still missing the iphone and i pod and a number of personal items. he tells us that the police tell him the suspects in this case could face 25 years to life in prison for the home invasion and also police may have good evidence including possibly some fingerprint and possibly some dna evidence in this case. the hunt for the two suspects are still underway in san francisco and oakland.
6:51 am
we'll continue to monitor this developing news and try to bring you more developments as they occur throughout the morning. for now we're live here in san francisco. ktvu channel 2 news. >> happening right now, venezuela is holding a state funeral for it's late leader hugo chavez. we'll take you there live to see how it looks this morning. chavez died tuesday from a massive heart attack at the age of 58. this live picture from the funeral. dignitaries attending today's service includes the leader and cast row. he will be placed on permanent display in a glass tomb near the presidential palace. >> pop star justin bieber scoring after a rocky week of performances in london. he felt dizzy and took a break and was treated backstage with oxygen before finishing the show. afterward the 19-year-old was
6:52 am
taken to the hospital as a precaution but monday justin bieber was greeted by a booing crowd when he went on stage two hours late. >> time is now 6:49, a scary scene in massachusetts, look at this, new video. a house on plum island in massachusetts. it collapsed. it's foundation was washed away by the latest east coast storm. beach erosion is a big factor in this collapse. big waves are threatening several houses. look at it teetering there. no injury versus been reported. back here at home, the artery that links northern around southern california t roadway is closed this morning because of snow. the chp reports trucks and cars are backed up for several miles on interstate 5. just what you want to hear on a friday morning. chp shut it down in both directions before 3:00 this morning. todays out there very icy. there have been a lot of accidents. we don't know yet when it's going to reopen. >> 6:50 is the time.
6:53 am
let's check back in with sal. how's traffic here. >> it's okay. as a matter of fact we've had a descent commute at the toll plaza. i want to show it to you. traffic is continuing to move along very well. there are very minimal delay which is is always what we like to see and it tends to happen more on fridays than today. let's move along and take a look at the commute on the 101 san francisco. this is -- i think we're going to go to 1 o'brien 01 san francisco. there it is. northbound 101, that traffic looks good coming up all the way to the 80 split with no major issue. we have an auto verses pedestrian crash. this is in vermont. a busy area. fire crews arriving on the sceneful we're not sure what the extent of the injuries are but it's a good area to avoid. 6:51ful let's go to rosemary. >> good morning to you. we're on the tail end of this event. we have a live look around the
6:54 am
bay. sun and clouds still out there. by the afternoon mostly sunny skies. the clouds will come back eventually by tonight. i'll show you coming up in a moment. a very broad view and you can see the system as it continues to sink to the south. it eventually will shift east across southern california. meanwhile, as it shifts south. you can see how it takes the rain with it. may get just a lingering shower from the wrap around moisture you see here. maybe areas like morgan hill, maybe gillroy, maybe san jose but i don't see it. giving you a look at the future cast model. we start out 6:00 this morning, most of the rain south of monterey. picking up a few scattered showers. as we get into the afternoon, i showed you the low continues to move south and east. well it continues to take the rain with it. notice over the sierra though are you going to tahoe this weekend? scattered showers remain in the forecast.
6:55 am
i want to show you at 4:00 we're partly cloudy and mosley clear but into the evening hours here comes moisture back into the picture. a final bit of energy will drop down the coast and bring in the slight chance. won't be much. upper 50s, low 60s under partly cloudy skies and breezy conditions for your friday. even though we'll be a tad warmer than yesterday we'll be breezy and the northwest breeze could put a chill in your spine. be prepared for that. you may need the windbreaker. upper 60s into the second half of the weekend and low 70s for early next week badge to you. >> new this morning, more companies are hiring. that's the news from this morning's jobs report. the national unemployment rate dropped to it's lowest level in years. that's better than economists predicted. 80,000 more jobs were for next month. the company is cutting 1200 jobs. that's more than 10% of its work force. according to the wall street journal it will affect workers in the u.s., china and india. they layed out thousands of
6:56 am
employees last year after buys motororla. >> the postoffice needs money to survive and there's a controversial idea on how to get it. the idea in one bay area city. it involves the word tax. >> plus a popular and furry tourist attraction disappeared. how the mating season has affected san francisco sight seers
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. coming up on 7:00, live look at the big board. jobs unemployment rate is down and the stock numbers are up. dow at 14,352. >> time is 6:56. a city council man in berkley wants to tax e-mail to help keep the postal service in business. a small tax on e-mails, 100th of a% would discourage spam and wouldn't have much impact on the typical internet user and would help pay for important functions of the postoffice. that idea was criticized on twitter. right now an e-mail tax is banned by congress. >> a popular river otter living in san francisco appears to have moved on. he came about six months ago. he was the first river otter spotted in ocean beach in decades but has not been seen since february 23rd. scientists say it's mating season so might have him on
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